Greening Environment, Good Education and Best of Health" are the three core components of KSL Holdings Bhd's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) key platforms in giving back to the communities of Klang Valley.

Championing the cause of education and knowledge, towards building better human capital, KSL Holdings Bhd has allocated special funds to assist needy students with good curriculum results in order for completion of primary and secondary education before venturing into the tertiary field. KSL is also looking at creating an educational fund and charity support for Malaysian students in which it caters to students are in need for financial support in stepping into a higher level of educational system. Spurring the young minds towards academic achievement, KSL Holdings Bhd believes that education is the pillar of economic growth. Providing an opportunity for the underprivileged children, KSL Holdings Bhd is determine to give them a chance to explore and experience an education that would heighten their chances to developing good entrepreneurial skills, production levels and industrial knowledge.

Towards greening the environment, and making it a safe and healthy for the current and future generation , KSL Holdings Bhd supports recycling, by reducing the consumption of raw materials, water pollution, low energy consumption and sorting out recycling materials. Fighting on "Saying No to Pollution", KSL Holdings Bhd allocates bins alongside the development to support a green and healthy environment. With the vast building and design of the development, noise pollution is also taken into consideration to prevent loud sound transmissions. By incorporating green "solutions" into the home designs, KSL has carefully designed their home units that are built in a north-south orientation way that allows natural sunlight to sip through each units, and air ventilation surrounding the 5,000 square feet units which offers a cool and airy living environment. Towards greening the environment, KSL has integrated a 52-acre French-themed garden in their 448-acres township for recreational enjoyment of the public and residents of the township. The garden is inhabited by a variety of tropical species of flora and fauna that plays a vital role in biodiversity for the environment. Working with existing landscape and riverscape, KSL is now preserving the Blackwater River which has been around since historic times, creating a needed space for peace and tranquillity for residents and the public.

KSL Holdings Bhd understands the importance of health and lifestyle in today's busy contemporary world, and has engaged in health activities together with health practitioners and professionals in Malaysia for the benefit of its residents and the public. To having health screenings for safety and prevention of health issues and disease, to organising health talks to promote healthy living lifestyle, KSL Holdings Bhd is committed to fulfilling the organisation's role towards contributing within the social responsibility sphere.